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Video – Platinum Autocentre

Posted on 21st September 2020 | Uncategorized An example of one of the great little businesses which a loan from us has enabled to start.

September 2020 Newsletter

Posted on 8th September 2020 | Uncategorized
Dear Friends and Supporters Since the last newsletter, we have all been coping with the impact of Covid-19 and the fall out of the lockdown. Perhaps the first thing to say is that Purple Shoots and most of its borrowers and groups have all survived! With the advent of lockdown, …

Our Wider Impact – some evidence

Posted on 29th July 2020 | Uncategorized
I know anecdotally that our lending has a much wider impact than just the economic one which arises from creating a new business and getting someone out of the benefits system (using a recognized economic impact tool, the impact is ten times the funds we lend). For example we know …

Building Back Better – Some Suggestions

Posted on 29th June 2020 | Uncategorized
Introduction: After a forest fire, recovery begins at the bottom In the rush to rebuild our economy following the damage caused by the Covid 19 lockdown, there is a danger that we will hastily patch up what was there before and follow the same paradigms and economic mantras, in the mistaken belief …