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Cardiff Christmas Market

Posted on 17th November 2020 | Uncategorized
Quite unbelievably given the circumstances this time around, Cardiff Christmas Market was not cancelled. Cardiff and Wales should probably get more accolades for preserving this great Christmas tradition in spite of everything. This makes us possibly almost unique in Europe in having our Christmas market as normal. The atmosphere in …

Building Back Better – Some Suggestions

Posted on 29th June 2020 | Uncategorized
Introduction: After a forest fire, recovery begins at the bottom In the rush to rebuild our economy following the damage caused by the Covid 19 lockdown, there is a danger that we will hastily patch up what was there before and follow the same paradigms and economic mantras, in the mistaken belief …

Barriers to Self-employment for those on Benefits

Posted on 15th April 2020 | Uncategorized
We hear a lot about entrepreneurs and the need to be entrepreneurial in Wales, although everyone’s idea of what that actually means is probably a little bit different. The usual suspects admired for their entrepreneurial skills such as Richard Branson or Sheryl Sandberg undoubtedly are entrepreneurs, but I believe that the sort of people …

Coping in a Crisis

Posted on 27th March 2020 | Uncategorized
The announcement by the Government of its package for the self-employed will undoubtedly be a lifeline for lots of established self-employed people but many of our borrowers won’t be able to benefit. Everyone knows that new businesses are rarely profitable in their early years – and many of ours which are only a couple of …