Join Our Volunteers

Like any charity, we can do more with the help of volunteers: people who share our belief in the power of self-reliance, who find time in their busy schedules to support our vital work.

We still need more support, though. As our operations expand, we’re looking to work more closely with a wide range of partners, from community stalwarts to business owners and the public sector.

We need your skills… your knowledge… your energy… your influence… and more.

Here are some ways you can help:


When we lend money to entrepreneurs, we offer them support and training on all aspects of running a business: everything from financial management to marketing, sales and delivery. So the chance to learn from you could prove invaluable.

Our Self-Reliant Groups need basic business skills too – as well as other training to help them make a fresh start. That ranges from everyday skills like DIY or cookery to more niche pursuits like handcrafts or creative writing.

With a lifetime of skills, you’ll surely have something of value to share.


Our borrowers need more than training. They need one-to-one support, from someone who’s trodden the path of starting – and growing – a business. Maybe that’s you?

This is not about having “all the answers”. A good mentor is more of a guide than a guru! It’s about drawing on your experience, offering reflections, and helping them to find the answers that suit their own purpose.


We can’t be part of every conversation. So we rely on others to spread the word, wherever they see a chance for us to make a difference.

Advocates take all forms. Some are active in their communities, through local groups or projects – they’ll connect us with people who need us, or start a new Self Reliant Group. While others champion our cause through the corridors of power – or simply promote us through social connections, in person or online. Every connection helps.


We’d love to know more about you, and how you can further our cause. So please tell us a little more here, and we’ll arrange a time to talk further please get in touch.

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