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We level up people and communities that are struggling 

We have repeatedly found that people living in poverty or who are unemployed don’t want charity. They simply want a chance to help themselves – many by starting their own business. 

These people, however, are typically ignored by the banks due to their poor credit score. Others feel trapped by their personal circumstances. They all need hope and support. 

Why the community needs us 

Since 2013 we have provided loans to start 500 businesses and help 150 existing ones. 700 jobs have been created, 96% of our clients have come off benefit and £16m added to the economy.  

We’ve initiated 40 self-reliant groups with tapered support. Each one focuses on something missing in their lives or community. The groups save and develop new skills. Some become businesses.  

Our impact on the community 

Our website highlights many case studies. Here are two videos that tell the story of our impact and why we need your generosity to do more. 

How can I donate? 

Either a generous one-off donation or a regular monthly amount will help us to make a difference. Please click the donate button. Thank you in anticipation. 

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