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Our Wider Impact – some evidence

Posted on 29th July 2020 | Finance Tips
I know anecdotally that our lending has a much wider impact than just the economic one which arises from creating a new business and getting someone out of the benefits system (using a recognized economic impact tool, the impact is ten times the funds we lend). For example we know …

Consider the Good Alternatives To High Cost Debt

Posted on 20th January 2020 | Finance Tips
I watched the Panorama programme “Easy Money Tough Debt” which presented the issues faced by many people on the margins of our economy struggling with high cost debt. The problems and stresses caused to them were well presented but I was disappointed that, apart from pushing for a “breathing space” …

Tackling Poverty in the UK

Posted on 1st February 2019 | Finance Tips
Introduction I have been reading “Poverty Safari” by Darren McGarvey. Darren is a man who grew up in poverty in Glasgow and has experienced many of the issues and side-effects first hand. He has become a speaker and advocate on issues around poverty in the UK and is outspoken on the …