Dear Friends, Supporters and Investors. It has been quite a few months since the last newsletter – partly caused by busyness but also because I was waiting for the new branding and website to be finished. which you can see has now happened.

The old website had served us well but had become outdated for a number of reasons – not least of which was that it wasn’t mobile or tablet friendly. The new website and branding has been designed and built by Cre8ion, a small company in Bristol, and everyone is pleased with the result. 

The new branding gives us a launchpad for building more of a profile in the media, both to showcase the achievements of the people we have supported and thereby begin to change the narrative around people on benefits, and also to build more of a base of regular and one-off donors which is what we really need in order to grow what we do… read more click the link below.

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Thank you to everyone who helps us keep going.
Karen Davies