Dear Friends and Supporters

It’s just over 6 months since our last newsletter and when I wrote that one, I didn’t expect that we would still be in a lock.down, and still struggling with all the restrictions that involves. However, the end could be in sight now and there is definitely renewed optimism in the Purple Shoots community, with businesses forced to close all
re-opening and bouncing back, as happened in the brief gap between lockdowns last summer, and a significant rise in demand for loans from new businesses starting out.

The resilience of our small businesses has vindicated the faith we put in them – many have had to cope with great financial difficulties, missing out on all of the support offered by both Governments – and yet they have adapted, persevered and survived, spotting and seizing new opportunities for growth and also supporting the communities they are rooted in. These are the bedrock of our economy and are leading the recovery – albeit unrecognised by those in power.

We have, however, had some excellent recognition in the media with three recent TV items – one was a feature on Universal Credit and the barriers it creates for people wanting to start businesses, on the BBC Politics Wales programme and the other two were ITV Cymru Wales News items, featuring two of our clients (and me) show-casing the value of small businesses to the economy. ITV have kindly given us the footage and these items can be seen in the video section of our website.

Our self-reliant groups, although not able to meet, have stayed connected with each other and supported each other and are beginning cautiously to meet again.

We have received some welcome financial support from a number of sources, and another corporate donor
(Duport Associates) has committed to giving us a proportion of their profits every month. We would like to grow the number of companies doing this! To read more click the link below.

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Thank you to everyone who helps us keep going.

Karen Davies