Entrepreneur David Jones has launched Menai Kayak Angling in North Wales. The business is located in Water Street, Menai Bridge close to the Pier gates, the Menai Straits and a convenient slipway from which to launch kayaks.

Fulfilling a lifetime ambition to start his own business, David launched the company in January of this year, selling a range of sea fishing rods, fishing tackle, lures, sea kayak and accessories for predator and coarse fishing on land and sea as well as offering fresh and frozen bait.

As well as offering all the equipment needed for sea fishing, the company also provides kayak hire and organises half-day, one-day and weekend guided kayak fishing trips.

David Jones, formerly a commercial trawlerman, has been enthusiastic about kayak angling since being introduced to the sport several years ago. He says: “This would not have happened if it were not for Purple Shoots. Having my own business is a dream come true”. David is a founder of the Welsh Kayak Fishing Forum.

The company was launched with assistance in the form of a small loan from Purple Shoots – a new Welsh charitable enterprise which offers small loans to individuals trying to start businesses who are struggling to get funding from other sources.

This organisation aims to make a difference in local communities by tackling unemployment and by encouraging new small businesses and independence.

Since Purple Shoots started at the end of 2013 it has made over 300 small loans. Some of these loans have been follow on loans to early borrowers, but over 200 new businesses have been started and over 250 people have been helped out of unemployment.

Over £570,000 has been invested through the loans and the economic impact in Wales is more than 10 times this figure at over £5.7million.

So far, all of these funds have been to individuals, but Purple Shoots hopes to encourage others to consider starting their own business through groups within communities where ideas and confidence can grow into practical and realistic income earners.

Release Date: Monday 27 March 2017