Nettie started her business a year ago from scratch. She had had a series of low paid and insecure jobs which had left her struggling financially and in debt. She decided she wanted to create something for herself which she could build to create more stability for her and her family. The business started well and until the lockdowns she was starting to be busy.

She offers domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning across Blaenau Gwent and also works with social services to offer home help services and also with Dewis Cymru, a charity for independent living. The business was growing and she realized she couldn’t operate from her family car much longer but needed a van so that she could transport her equipment and cleaning fluids – and her member of staff.

Her history meant that her credit score was low and she couldn’t raise funding from anywhere. She found Purple Shoots and we looked at the success she was already making of her business, even in lockdown conditions, and her determination and resilience, and decided to support her. Shortly after having our loan, she won a major contract which has taken her business to a whole new level, necessitating some additional staff and equipment. The business is already beginning to give her the financial stability she was aiming for.