Hilary has a 25 year business/legal career history in the private, public and community sector during which she built up considerable expertise in people development. During that time, she also suffered for 12 years in an abusive relationship with her partner. Finally escaping that left her in very difficult financial circumstances – mortgage arrears and debts left by her partner and suddenly becoming a single mum made it hard for her to keep working. She was then diagnosed with cancer and had a lengthy enforced time not working whilst she underwent treatment for that.

Having recovered from cancer, she decided to try to build a business for herself which would work around her children and use the considerable talents she had, – a leadership and mindset consultancy for business owners and entrepreneurs. She won a few clients straight away but then the pandemic hit and opportunities to network and develop her business disappeared – and she was again reduced to struggling on benefits, whilst still trying to get rid of her legacy of debt.

With the ending of lockdown restrictions, Hilary tried to start again, but she needed some finance to help her with her marketing and networking so that she could develop the customer base to make her business work. In spite of her skills and career history and the evidence of initial success when she started her business, all the funders she approached saw was her poor credit score and her debts.

Hilary found Purple Shoots through the Single Mums Business Network, run by Julie Hawkins (also a Purple Shoots client). Purple Shoots took a different view – recognizing her entrepreneurial spirit, her resilience and her determination, and offered her the small loan she needed.

Hilary’s business is now fully open for business again and Hilary is steadily building her client base. The business is providing her with a growing income, enabling her to repay her old debts and to build a good life for her and her children.