We believe everyone is valuable and has potential and should be given the chance to be the best they can be


We believe that community is built on mutual respect, treating everyone equally and with dignity


We partner with entrepreneurs of all races, cultures, systems and beliefs


We will always be honest and open and act with integrity to ensure the best outcome for entrepreneurs and the wider community


Grounded in Christian ethics, we believe in fairness and justice for all

As an organization, we follow our values.

We are:


We stick to our aims and our values, to do good and to change things for the better


We seek to understand our clients well and to serve them in the best way we can


We treat everyone fairly and with respect


We are not passive. Working with people means you cannot take a back seat. We are in it for the long haul with the people we work with and we want to drive a whole movement of change


​We are always open to learning and willing to improve – we encourage a learning attitude in our clients and in ourselves as this leads to self-empowerment and success


We encourage new ideas and we seek to enthuse, motivate and inspire